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Data protection and patient rights

We at Coxa ensure a high level of data protection, i.e. we make sure that your personal information is handled carefully and correctly at all stages of the process. Data processing, storage, archiving and destruction are controlled by legislation, archiving plans and data security and data protection guidelines and training provided for staff. The electronic processing of your personal data is monitored, and only a person involved in your treatment may view or otherwise process your data.

Below you will find more information about the processing of your personal data and the patient register. You can always turn to our staff with any questions you may have.

Data protection

In all our operations, we comply with up-to-date EU legislation (GDPR 679/2016), national authority instructions and special legislation on the preparation of patient documents. We pay attention to staff competence and careful and secure processing of personal data. Patient documents generated during treatment are stored and processed in appropriate information systems in accordance with the Patient Document Decree.

A privacy statement has been prepared for each personal data register of Coxa, providing you with more information about the processing of personal data. The purpose of the processing of personal data, the sources of the data received and where the data are disclosed are described in the statement. For more information about the processing of personal data and the rights of the data subject, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Contact information
Telephone +358 50 470 8833

Privacy statements

Patient register
Scientific research register
Recording camera surveillance

Kuvassa potilas selaa papereita.
Kuvassa lääkäri ja potilas.

Patient rights

The data protection legislation guarantees you different rights as a patient. You have the right to know on what grounds and what items of personal information are being processed and you have the right to check such items of information. If your information is incorrect, you may request that it be corrected and that we restrict the processing of your information until it has been properly checked, corrected or completed. In certain specific situations, the data subject, i.e. the person whose data are being processed, also has the right to request the removal of their data.
The rights are applied differently depending on the basis on which the personal data are processed. In the case of Coxa, like all hospitals, the processing of patient data is based on a statutory obligation. For example, health care legislation imposes its own obligations on the storage and archiving of patient data, so we are not allowed to remove your data, even if you so request.


Finlex (17.8.1992/785)
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Patient registers

When seeking treatment at Coxa, your treatment-related information will be recorded in the patient register. The patient register contains various pieces of information related to the patient’s examination and the planning and implementation of their treatment. In addition, the register contains information related to the compilation of statistics of Coxa or Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s own activities, invoicing of treatment and examination costs and scientific research activities. The patient register consists of documents and files maintained by information systems, such as the patient record and X-rays. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR 2016/679) obliges the controller to provide the patient with information about the processing of their personal data.

We compile patient data for the following

  • Common register of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District
    • Member municipalities of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District
    • Special catchment areas of Tays (Kanta-Häme and Southern Ostrobothnia hospital districts)
    • Patients of Tays’ contractual hospital districts (Päijät-Häme and Vaasa hospital districts) and municipalities (Huittinen and Punkalaidun) when the referring party is a public party
    • Patients seeking treatment at Coxa on the basis of freedom of choice
    • European Health Insurance
    • Patients covered by statutory insurance who are entitled to so-called full compensation, for example occupational and traffic accidents
  • Registers of other referring public health care parties – common register of the local hospital district
    • Information on patients coming to receive treatment with a referral and payment commitment from another hospital or health centre
    • Patients seeking treatment with a service voucher
  • Tekonivelsairaala Coxa Oy’s register
    • Patients seeking treatment at Coxa privately and at their own expense

According to legislation, patient records must be kept confidential. Patient data must not be disclosed to third parties without the patient’s consent, or unless specifically required by law.

More information about the patient register and the related processing of personal data is available from the privacy statement.

More information on the regional patient register of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District can be found on the website of PHD.

Patient documents

Patient documents include the patient record and related patient data or documents, data and documents related to the medical investigation of the cause of death and other data and documents generated in connection with the patient’s treatment. As a general rule, the patient has the right to know what information about them has been stored in the patient documents and to request correction of incorrect information. The patient’s information can be viewed by members of staff involved in the patient’s care.

More information on the right of inspection can be found here

We will ask for your permission to disclose your patient data when you arrive at Coxa. Consent given and prohibitions possibly made in My Kanta apply to us too. Entries concerning consents and prohibitions relating to the disclosure of data can also be made in connection with appointments and inpatient episodes.

Go to My Kanta here

Requesting a copy, inspection and correction

The patient can request inspection in person at Coxa or send a signed request to Coxa. The request can be made using the following printable forms:

Inspection requests under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) signed by the patient are sent by post to:

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacements/Registry
P.O. Box 652
FI-33101 Tampere, Finland

Copies of patient documents can be requested either with a form provided by Coxa or in a free-format manner.

When making the document request in a free-form manner, it must contain the following information:

  • Name of patient
  • Personal identity code of patient
  • Itemisation of the requested patient data
  • Address for delivering the copies
  • Telephone number
  • Date and signature

The aim is to provide the data within one month of the inspection request.

Patient ombudsman gives advice

We want to be worthy of your trust. We are continuously developing our operations based on patient feedback. You can have an impact by giving us direct feedback regarding the received care and service. Primarily, all feedback should be given directly to the personnel. In problem situations involving your care or how you were treated as a person, you have the opportunity to file a reprimand, complaint or claim.

Coxa’s patient ombudsman is Arja Laukka (PHD), who provides information about the patient rights and advises and guides you in filing a reprimand, complaint or claim for compensation, if necessary. More information on how to file these can be found here. The telephone number for the Patient Ombudsman is: +358 3 311 65119 and other contact information can be found here.


If you are displeased with your care or how you were treated as a person, you can file a reprimand about the matter to Coxa. A written reply to the reprimand must be made within 30 days. The reprimand form can be printed here or you can get it from Coxa staff or the Patient Ombudsman.

If you are displeased with Coxa’s decision on the reprimand, you can file a complaint about the matter to the authorities monitoring health care, such as the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) of your region or the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). A written decision on the complaint will be issued to you.

Medical injury claim
If you suspect that a medical injury has occurred in connection with the treatment, you can submit a claim to the Patient Insurance Centre for possible compensation. Compensation must be applied for within three years of the date on which the person entitled to compensation became aware or should have become aware of the injury.

Pharmaceutical injury claim

You can apply for compensation from pharmaceutical injuries insurance if a medicine has caused you an unexpected adverse effect. Compensation proceedings are initiated by filling in the injury claim form and sending it by post to the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities.