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Why choose Coxa?

Coxa is Finland’s only hospital specialized in joint replacement, where over 6000 joint replacement operations are carried out annually. From an international perspective, patient safety at Coxa is world-class.

Quick and timely access to treatment

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement provides access to treatment within the guaranteed treatment limits. An outpatient clinic appointment can take place in less than three months. On average, surgery can be performed within 2 to 3 months of the decision to operate. In urgent cases, surgery can be performed sooner if necessary. Periods for accessing treatment may be shorter or longer, depending on the individual needs of the patient and the demand situation. We always strive to individually agree on the surgery dates together with our patients in order to take into consideration their health status and situation in life.

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Experienced orthopedists

All orthopedists at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement have extensive experience in joint replacement surgery. Typically, an orthopedic surgeon at Coxa operates on 200–300 patients per year. Several Coxa orthopedic surgeons have operated on over 3,000 patients and all of them have performed over 1,000 surgeries. Those specializing in joint replacement operate together with a more experienced orthopedist. Coxa invests strongly in the continuous training of orthopedists.

High-quality treatment

The main goal of Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is to provide its patients with the best possible treatment and help them return to living active everyday life. With the help of individual, high-quality treatment based on research evidence, we are able to offer our patients a new opportunity to enjoy mobility.

The reputation of being a top-class unit has also brought along more responsibility, as the most demanding joint replacement surgeries in Finland are being increasingly referred to Coxa. With regard to joint replacement repeat surgeries requiring special expertise and sufficient experience from the surgeons, Coxa is the leading hospital in Finland. Coxa’s areas of expertise also include the treatment of tumour and infection patients.

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Satisfied patients

At Coxa, we regularly measure the success of our surgeries and their impact on the life of our clients using various indicators.

  • Patient satisfaction is excellent: NPS 96
  • In a comparison of the OECD countries, the result and effectiveness of joint replacement surgeries are the best at Coxa
  • The number of medical injuries at Coxa is approximately 50% lower than in the other Finnish hospitals

Coxa’s quality system is iso 9001 certified

Our quality policy is based on the common will of all our employees:

  • The patient is treated in a timely, comprehensive and high-quality manner so that they are satisfied with the treatment received and have a positive take on the experience.
  • Treatment is based on a mapping of needs carried out together with the client and effective treatment processes, which are implemented and developed in cooperation with the units involved in the care chain and responsible for the patient’s follow-up care.
  • Coxa engages in continuous and determined development work to improve operating methods and treatment practices.
  • Reform is ensured through research and development work, an international cooperation network and staff training.
  • Strong operational preconditions are created for the staff by developing the work community, operating methods, management and opportunities for personal growth and influencing matters.
  • High-quality services are produced at competitive prices and operations are economically viable.
  • In order to monitor the quality of treatment and the smooth running of operations, comprehensive monitoring indicators have been created and clear quality goals have been set for the operations and they have been communicated to the staff.
  • Monitoring operational results and, if necessary, taking development actions are part of Coxa’s certified management system.
  • Our quality system is constantly being developed to better meet the demands of the changing operating environment.
  • All Coxa employees are committed to working according to the commonly agreed values and practices to ensure that the client receives high-quality treatment.


Coxa’s ISO9001:2015 quality certificate

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