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Progress of the day of surgery

Our nurse will telephone you to give you instructions on how to arrive for the surgery. On the day of the surgery, you will arrive at Coxa, 1st floor, lobby 2.

Arriving and preparations

The admissions ward nurse will fetch the patient from the lobby to Coxa’s admissions ward on the morning of the surgery. Long-distance travellers have the opportunity to arrive at the ward the night before or use the Patient Hotel as agreed.

At the admissions ward, the patient changes into a hospital gown and waits to be admitted to surgery with other patients undergoing surgery on the same day. The patient will walk to the operating theatre with the surgical nurse. At the operating theatre, the patient will be positioned in the correct position for anaesthesia and surgery.

The surgery is most commonly performed with spinal anaesthesia. In addition to anaesthesia, sleep-inducing drugs are also available. Joint replacement surgery takes approximately 1 to 2 hours and repeat surgery 2 to 6 hours.

After the surgery, the operated joint is X-rayed outside the operating theatre before transfer to the recovery room. This is done to ensure that complications do not occur.

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From the surgery to the recovery room

In the recovery room, the nurse anaesthetist will monitor your recovery and the end of your anaesthesia immediately after the operation, and start the pain medication according to the anaesthetist’s plan.

A nurse from the ward will come and fetch you from the recovery room when your condition allows it.

From the recovery room to the ward

You will start to practise walking with the guidance of a physiotherapist or nurse as soon as possible after the operation. At the ward, you will gradually assume responsibility for your rehabilitation.

On the day after the operation, a doctor will see you during their rounds, and this doctor is not necessarily the surgeon who performed your operation. On the following days, the doctor will see you if necessary.

Physiotherapists provide patients with guidance on exercises to be done during the rehabilitation phase and also guidance on coping at home and rehabilitation.

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