About Coxa

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement – Top talent near you

Coxa is the only hospital in Finland that specializes fully in joint replacement surgery. We employ over 250 of best professionals in the field. We perform over 4,500 joint replacements every year. Coxa is world-class in patient safety.

Coxa hospital entrance in Tampere

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is committed to providing the best possible care for its patients and quickly restoring their functional ability and quality of life. We offer our patients a chance to rediscover the joy of motion thanks to our individual, researched-based and exceptionally provided care.

Our strong reputation as a leading center of excellence has also brought us more responsibility, as an increasing number of the most demanding joint replacement cases in Finland are now referred to us. Coxa is the leading national hospital for re-operations, which require specialized expertise and sufficient experience. Coxa also has the expertise to treat patients with tumors and infections.

Coxa offers multiple ways to share the expertise through partnering and educational programs. If your organization is interested to learn more about the co-operation possibilities available please contact:
Roope Tähkä
+358-40 7538 549