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Becoming a patient at Coxa

You can access treatment at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement from all over Finland either with a referral from a licensed doctor, a payment commitment/service voucher from your municipality of residence or through our evening surgery.


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Kuvassa lääkäri ja potilas.

Why choose Coxa?

The main goal of Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is to provide its patients with the best possible treatment and help them return to living active everyday life. With the help of individual, high-quality treatment based on research evidence, we are able to offer our patients a new opportunity to enjoy mobility.


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Patient stories

Right attitude to rehabilitation brought top results

Coxa for professionals

How to refer my patient to Coxa

The current Health Care Act provides the freedom to choose a treatment place from among any public unit of specialised health care in Finland. Freedom of choice in specialised health care applies to the provision of non-urgent service and treatment by a specialist in a hospital.


Kuvassa lääkäri ja potilas.
Kuvassa leikkaussali ja henkilökuntaa.

Preparing for joint replacement

A good general condition and muscle strength ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis and support quick recovery from the surgery. The aim of physical activity is to improve your general condition, muscle strength, joint mobility, balance and muscle elongation.


Comfortable inpatient ward

Coxa has three comfortable inpatient wards designed to promote getting out of bed and moving about in an early phase. Coxa’s most recent inpatient ward was designed by Coxa’s multi-professional team and special attention has been paid to the comfort of both nurses and patients.


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