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Becoming a patient at Coxa

You can access treatment at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement from all over Finland either with a referral from a licensed doctor, a payment commitment/service voucher from your municipality of residence or through our evening surgery.

Freedom of choice of treatment place

The current Health Care Act provides the freedom to choose a treatment place from among any public unit of specialised health care in Finland. Freedom of choice applies to the provision of non-urgent service and treatment by a specialist in a hospital. It also applies to post-operative monitoring of joint replacement and possible non-urgent repeat surgeries.

As Coxa is a publicly owned limited liability company and belongs to the PHD Group, you can become our patient with a referral from a licensed doctor, indicating the freedom of choice of treatment place. The referral is addressed to PHD/Coxa. Postal address for paper-format referrals: Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement, Niveltie 4, FI-33520 Tampere.

Based on the freedom of choice of treatment place, your treatment will cost the same as in the local hospital in your municipality of residence. Kela will reimburse travel costs for a trip comparable to that from your home address to the university hospital closest to your municipality of residence.

Read more about the freedom of choice in specialized health care at

For more information on becoming our patient, please call +358 3 311 715.

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Becoming a client of Coxa with a municipal referral or payment commitment

If your place of residence is located in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s special catchment area (Pirkanmaa, Kanta-Häme and Southern Ostrobothnia hospital districts), you can become a Coxa client with a referral from a health center or hospital doctor.

If your place of residence is located outside the special catchment area of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, you will need a payment commitment or, for example, a service voucher from your own hospital district or municipality to receive treatment at Coxa. Having received a service voucher, you can choose your place of treatment from among the service providers that have been approved by the municipality of residence in its own service provider register.

Costs of surgery

Our client charges are based on the Act on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare and on the Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s decisions on client charges.

An outpatient clinic appointment at Coxa costs €41,80  (applies also to telephone surgery) and a surgical inpatient episode costs €49,60 per bed day. The surgery itself will not entail any additional costs for you. Coxa’s top professionals will take care of your treatment.

More information on the determination of client charges, client charge cap and client charge invoicing is available at

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