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Research activities

Since Coxa was founded, it has been clear that, in this largest joint replacement surgery unit in the Nordic countries, research plays an important role both in ensuring the quality of its own operations and in producing new information globally.

Scientific research has been highlighted as a key component of Coxa’s operations. The high numbers of surgeries provide us with a good starting point for carrying out high-quality international scientific work. At the same time, we are constantly learning more about our field and can offer modern high-quality surgical methods.

“The high-quality research activities of Coxa enable exchange of information with the global scientific community”

Strong investment in research results in theses by medical students, Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations in joint replacement surgery. Doing theses in nursing science is also possible.

We carry out research and development work in the following areas, among others:

  1. Effectiveness of joint replacement surgery
  2. Effect of centralising joint replacement surgery on surgery outcomes and complications
  3. Functional results of knee joint replacement surgeries in working-age patients
  4. Effect of new methods on the results of knee joint replacement surgeries
  5. Results of hip resurfacing surgeries
  6. Mechanism of osteoarthritis
  7. Results of repeat joint replacement surgeries
  8. Wear of artificial joint components
  9. Rheumaorthopaedics
  10. Reproductive health of hip joint replacement patients
  11. Treatment of surgical pain
  12. Information technology
  13. Nursing/quality projects
  14. Cost accounting
  15. Multi-centre studies related to venous thromboses and pain medication

Take a closer look at Coxa’s domestic and international research topics in our research search or Tays research publications.

Information about the processing of personal data and the rights of patients in research activities can be found here.