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After the surgery at the inpatient ward

A successful surgery outcome always also requires effective rehabilitation. This requires an active and independent approach from you. At Coxa, you will receive diverse support and guidance for rehabilitation so that your recovery at home is as easy as possible.

After the surgery, it is your turn to be active

At the inpatient ward, you will gradually assume responsibility for your rehabilitation. The aim is for you to be able to sit up for your meals and walk around your room as soon as possible. All activities are part of the rehabilitation: dressing, getting out of bed, physical exercises, walking and washing.

The physiotherapist will make sure that you do the exercises correctly and learn how to walk with the aids.

The nurse will guide you in the use of your medication and monitor the healing of your wound.

On the day after the operation, a doctor will see you during their rounds, and this doctor is not necessarily the surgeon who performed your operation. On the following days, the doctor will see you if necessary.


aktiivinen kuntoutuja

You will be discharged from the hospital when:

  • you can move around inside your home using mobility aids
  • the wound has begun to heal
  • the pain is under control with the help of medicine

Depending on how well you feel, you can go home either by car driven by your loved one or by a stretcher taxi in a half-seated position. Discharging from the hospital can also take place in the evening.

Visits to the inpatient ward

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have tightened our inpatient ward visitation policy for safety reasons. In the case of short inpatient episodes, visitors are currently not allowed at all, with the exception of picking up a patient for discharging from the hospital.

A patient whose inpatient episode is longer than normal can receive visitors once a day if the situation allows, and the visit duration may not exceed 30 minutes. A maximum of two visitors at a time are allowed and they must wear a face mask throughout their visit. These visits are to be agreed in advance with the attending doctor.

Please note that the person picking you up must not show any symptoms suggestive of respiratory infection. The person picking you up must wear a face mask throughout the visit. If necessary, the staff will provide the face mask.