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Comfortable inpatient ward

Coxa has three comfortable inpatient wards designed to promote getting out of bed and moving about in an early phase. Coxa’s most recent inpatient ward was designed by Coxa’s multi-professional team and special attention has been paid to the comfort of both nurses and patients.

Comfort has also been created with, for example, lighting adjusting according to the time of the day, room-specifically adjusted air conditioning, nature-themed images and natural materials. The work of nurses has been facilitated by a number of technical and logistical solutions, such as remotely controlled devices and the optimal placement of functions.

In addition to its comfort, the inpatient ward of 10 patient rooms and 17 beds is also the ‘most antibacterial ward in Finland’. Almost all of the contact surfaces have been coated or treated to be antimicrobial in order for bacteria and viruses to self-destruct.

Touch-free products have also been utilized in the fixtures, for example, flushing the toilet, washing and drying hands and opening doors can be done without touching. This improves safety when moving about and prevents contact infections.

Visits to the inpatient ward

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have tightened our inpatient ward visitation policy for safety reasons. In the case of short inpatient episodes, visitors are currently not allowed at all, with the exception of picking up a patient for discharging from the hospital.

A patient whose inpatient episode is longer than normal can receive visitors once a day if the situation allows, and the visit duration may not exceed 30 minutes. A maximum of two visitors at a time are allowed and they must wear a face mask throughout their visit. These visits are to be agreed in advance with the attending doctor.

Please note that the person picking you up must not show any symptoms suggestive of respiratory infection. The person picking you up must wear a face mask throughout the visit. If necessary, the staff will provide the face mask.