The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 6, 1041 - 1046

Wear Performance Evaluation of a Contemporary Dual Mobility Hip Bearing Using Multiple Hip Simulator Testing Conditions

Loving, LaQuawn et al.

The dual mobility hip bearing concept combines a small bearing with a large diameter bearing through a dual articulation system, potentially increasing the stability of the hip. Bearings with two articulations introduce concerns of whether or not wear might be increased compared to a conventional bearing. We therefore evaluated the wear performance of a dual mobility hip bearing using sequentially cross-linked and annealed polyethylene under the conditions of impingement, abrasion, and when the mobile liner becomes immobilized at either the inner or outer diameter. We found the wear performance of this dual mobility hip is dictated by the conditions experienced by the smaller inner articulation and by the polyethylene material. The highest wearing group wore 75% less than a single articulating conventional gamma/inert polyethylene bearing.

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