The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 29, Issue 3, 465 - 468

Total Joint Arthroplasty Readmission Rates and Reasons for 30-Day Hospital Readmission

Avram, Victoria et al.
Hip Knee

Given institutional pressures to reduce hospital length of stay (LOS) we hypothesized that “failure to cope” would be a significant factor for readmission following total joint arthroplasty (TJA). A retrospective review of 4288 TJA patients was conducted to determine readmission rates and reasons for readmit within 30 days of discharge. Ninety-five patients (2.2%; 95% CI: 1.8%–2.7%) were readmitted. Leading diagnoses were surgical site infection (23.2%) and cardiovascular event (16.8%). Of readmits 5.3% (5/95) were readmitted for failure to cope, representing 0.1% of the sample. In multivariate analysis, increased age was a significant predictor of readmission (OR = 0.974, 95% CI 0.952–0.997). Contrary to our hypothesis failure to cope was not a leading diagnosis for readmission; concerns remain that early discharge may however correlate with increased readmit rates.

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