The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 2, 375.e17 - 375.e21

Repeated Early Failure of a Newly Designed Hinged Knee System

Lee, Joshua K.L. et al.

We report a case of acute and recurrent accelerated wear of the polyethylene bushings of the hinge mechanism in the Zimmer Segmental Knee System. This resulted in an unacceptable recurvatum deformity leading to multiple revision knee operations, which was unexpected in a modern design hinged knee system. A custom modification of the original design was used to prevent further recurvatum deformity. The current design of the hinge post mechanism in this system appears to be inadequate, which led to the development of a significant recurvatum deformity in our patient. Surgeons should be aware of this potential complication when considering the use of this revision knee system.

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