Patella tendon length after patella arthroplasty. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg 132, 179–183 (2012).

Patella tendon length after patella arthroplasty

Clark, D., Mandalia, V., Hughes, A. et al.


The study aimed to assess tendon length change following patello-femoral replacement (PFR) surgery and total knee replacement (TKR).


A retrospective analysis was conducted of 40 patients undergoing PFR surgery and 40 patients undergoing TKR and an unoperated control group. Immediate preoperative radiographs were compared with those at 1 year postoperatively. Intra/inter-observer error was assessed in four observers.


In the unoperated patients the mean shortening was 0.6% (range 6% shortening to 3% lengthening). The mean shortening after PFR surgery was 0.1% of shortening (range 14% shortening to 11% lengthening). The mean shortening after TKR was 7.14% (range 25% shortening to 7% lengthening).


Shortening of the patella tendon after PFR surgery occurs infrequently and less severely compared with TKR.

Level of evidence

Level 2 prognostic study.

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