The Knee, ISSN: 1873-5800, Vol: 19, Issue: 6, Page: 948-50

One-stage procedure for total knee arthroplasty in post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the knee with wound defect. Usefulness of navigation and flap surgery

Bégué, Th; Mebtouche, N; Levante, S
Total knee arthroplasty in post-traumatic arthritis of the knee joint is a challenging situation. Difficulties are linked to malalignment, joint stiffness, or wound complications.
The authors report on a case of post-traumatic intra-articular knee arthritis with tibial malalignment and a skin defect. Using computer-assisted surgery for implant positioning, and simultaneous pedicled flap surgery for wound coverage, IKS score at 2 years follow-up was 85 and 75 for clinical and function respectively.
The results of total knee replacement in post-traumatic knee arthritis are not as satisfactory as in degenerative situations. In severe malalignment due to bone landmark changes following malunions, computer-assisted surgery gives immediate correct references for final positioning of implants and restoration of limb alignment. Implant selection must allow use of normal and revision components to fit the local anatomy. Commonly-used pedicle flaps such as the gastrocnemius flap are valuable to cover wound defects after prosthesis implantation. All these procedures can be used successfully in a one-stage surgical procedure.

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