MiR93-5p inhibits chondrocyte apoptosis in osteoarthritis by targeting lncRNA CASC2. BMC Musculoskelet Disord 21, 26 (2020).

MiR93-5p inhibits chondrocyte apoptosis in osteoarthritis by targeting lncRNA CASC2

Sun, Y., Kang, S., Pei, S. et al.
Ankle Elbow Hip Knee Shoulder Wrist


It has been reported that miR-93-5p and long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) Cancer Susceptibility 2 (CASC2) play opposite roles in regulating chondrocyte apoptosis, indicating the possible interaction between them. This study aimed to investigate the interaction between miR-93-5p and lncRNA CASC2 in chondrocyte apoptosis, which plays critical roles in osteoarthritis (OA).


The interaction between CASC2 and miR-93-5p was analyzed by dual luciferase assay and overexpression experiments. Levels of CASC2 and miR-93-5p in plasma sample from OA patients and healthy controls were measured by RT-qPCR. The roles of CASC2 and miR-93-5p in regulating the apoptosis of chondrocyte induced by LPS were analyzed by cell apoptosis assay.


Through bioinformatics analysis we observed the potential interaction between CASC2 and miR-93-5p, which was confirmed by dual luciferase assay. In OA patients, miR-93-5p was downregulated, while CASC2 was upregulated, and they were inversely correlated. LPS treatment led to downregulated miR-93-5p and upregulated CASC2. Overexpression of miR-93-5p led to the downregulated CASC2 in chondrocytes. Under LPS treatment, CASC2 overexpression promoted the apoptosis of chondrocyte. MiR-93-5p overexpression played an opposite role and attenuated the effects of CASC2 overexpression.


MiR-93-5p was downregulated in OA may inhibit LPS-induced chondrocyte apoptosis by targeting lncRNA CASC2.

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