The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 6, 1000 - 1004

Limited Slot Femorotomy for Removal of Proximally Coated Cementless Stems. A 10-Year Follow-Up of An Unreported Surgical Technique

Jack, Christopher M. et al.

We present a technique of single posterior longitudinal slot femorotomy. This technique allows the expansion of the metaphyseal–diaphyseal region of the proximal femur facilitating extraction of proximally coated uncemented femoral components while leaving the metaphysis and diaphysis intact. Since 1996 we have performed this technique in 18 revision total hip arthroplasties in 15 patients who had x-ray appearance of bony in-growth/on-growth and where found to have solidly ingrown stems at revision surgery. All were revised to a metaphyseally fitting uncemented stem. At mean follow-up of 122.4 months, there were significant improvements in both pain and function. All revised stems achieved stable boney fixation. There were no complications due to this technique. No patient developed a limp or thigh pain postoperatively. There have been no re-revisions of the stem. With appropriate patient selection, this is a simple, reliable, and extensile technique is useful to assist in the extraction of uncemented proximally coated femoral components whether hydroxyapatite-coated or not.

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