Bone Joint J 2013;95-B, Supple A:74–6.

Intensive care monitoring after total joint replacement

A. F. Kamath, C. L. McAuliffe, J. T. Gutsche, L. M. Kosseim, E. L. Hume, K. D. Baldwin, Z. Kornfield, C. L. Israelite
Ankle Elbow Hip Knee Shoulder Wrist

Patient safety is a critical issue in elective total joint replacement surgery. Identifying risk factors that might predict complications and intensive care unit (ICU) admission proves instrumental in reducing morbidity and mortality. The institution’s experience with risk stratification and pre-operative ICU triage has resulted in a reduction in unplanned ICU admissions and post-operative complications after total hip replacement. The application of the prediction tools to total knee replacement has proven less robust so far. This work also reviews areas for future research in patient safety and cost containment.

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