The Knee, ISSN: 1873-5800, Vol: 18, Issue: 6, Page: 428-31

Failures of the Dual Articular knee prosthesis due to fracture of the polyethylene post

M. A. Jones; A. Yousef; J. Dhaliwal; S. S. Kulkarni
The Dual Articular (DA) total knee replacement was designed for revision and complex primary knee arthroplasty. A number of these knees failed due to fracture of the polyethylene post. We aimed to identify the proportion of DA prostheses that failed in this manner in our hospital.
The hospital database was interrogated to identify all patients undergoing revision total knee replacement under the care of one surgeon from 1995 to 2007. Case notes were then reviewed to collect information about the history surrounding the knee surgery, and determine the patient’s weight at the time of surgery. Telephone follow-up was carried out to obtain complete contemporary data.
Forty-eight prostheses were implanted into 39 patients (21 male, 18 female). Thirty-two of the prostheses were DA and of these, 7 underwent arthroscopy or arthrotomy to reveal a fracture of the polyethylene post (22%). T-tests showed no statistical difference in age (p = 0.73) or weight (p = 0.79) between the group of DA patients with fractured posts and those without. Six of the 7 fractures were in male patients (Chi-squared; p = 0.01). Patients complained of pain, clicking and instability at a mean of 7 years post-surgery. Sixteen DA2000 prostheses were implanted, but none of these had failed due to a fractured polyethylene post.
A high proportion of DA prostheses failed due to post fracture. We recommend that patients with DA prostheses be kept under review to detect failures early. Pain, clicking and instability should be investigated with arthroscopy and the tibial insert exchanged as appropriate.

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