The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 29, Issue 2, 405 - 409

Excellent Survivorship of the Morscher Monoblock Cup With a 28-mm Metasul-on-Metasul Bearing at a Mean of 5-Year Follow-Up

Halma, Jelle J. et al.

The Morscher monoblock cup is designed for optimal osteointegration and holds the potential for excellent long-term survival. The Metasul-on-Metasul bearing was introduced to eliminate wear-induced periprosthetic osteolysis. This study reviews 137 Morscher cups with a 28-mm Metasul-on-Metasul bearing used in primary THA at 5.1 years (3.2–6.6) after implantation. One hundred thirty-seven cups were implanted in 119 patients. Three patients (2.2%) had died of unrelated causes, and 10 patients (8.0%) were lost to follow-up. The mean Harris Hip score was 89.8 and the mean WOMAC sum score was 18.5. No cases of acetabular osteolysis were found. The 5-year cup survival rate was 98.5%.

The Morscher cup with a 28-mm Metasul-on-Metasul bearing used in uncemented THA showed no acetabular osteolysis and promising survivorship at intermediate-term follow-up.

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