The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 27, Issue 1, 27 - 30

Dilute Betadine Lavage Before Closure for the Prevention of Acute Postoperative Deep Periprosthetic Joint Infection

Brown, Nicholas M. et al.
Hip Knee

This study evaluated the efficacy of a dilute Betadine (Purdue Pharma, Stamford, Conn) lavage in preventing early deep postoperative infection after total hip (THA) and knee (TKA) arthroplasty. A protocol of dilute Betadine lavage (0.35%) for 3 minutes was introduced to the practice of the senior author in June 2008. A total of 1862 consecutive cases (630 THA and 1232 TKA) performed before this were compared with 688 consecutive cases (274 THA and 414 TKA) after for the occurrence of periprosthetic infections within the first 90 days postoperatively. Eighteen early postoperative infections were identified before the use of dilute Betadine lavage, and 1 since (0.97% and 0.15%, respectively; P = .04). There were no significant demographic differences between the 2 groups. Betadine lavage before wound closure may be an inexpensive, effective means of reducing acute postoperative infection after total joint arthroplasty.

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