The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 29, Issue 4, 831 - 835

Corrosion Behavior of Tantalum-Coated Cobalt–Chromium Modular Necks Compared to Titanium Modular Necks in a Simulator Test

Dorn, Ulrich et al.

This study compared the corrosion behavior of tantalum-coated cobalt–chromium modular necks with that of titanium alloy modular necks at their junction to titanium-alloy femoral stem. Tests were performed in a dry assembly and two wet assemblies, one contaminated with calf serum and the other contaminated with calf serum and bone particles. Whereas the titanium modular neck tested in the dry assembly showed no signs of corrosion, the titanium modular necks tested in both wet assemblies showed marked depositions and corrosive attacks. By contrast, the tantalum-coated cobalt–chromium modular necks showed no traces of corrosion or chemical attack in any of the three assemblies. This study confirms the protective effect of tantalum coating the taper region of cobalt–chromium modular neck components, suggesting that the use of tantalum may reduce the risk of implant failure due to corrosion.

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