Scand J Surg 2009; 98: 229-33.

Effectiveness of superficial venous surgery in terms of quality-adjusted life years and costs.

Eskelinen E, Räsänen P, Albäck A, Lepäntalo M, Eskelinen A, Roine RP.

AIMS: To assess the impact of superficial venous surgery (SVS) on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and to explore the cost-utility of venous surgery.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: 143 patients (110 female and 33 male) enrolled for SVS between 2003 and 2005 in Helsinki University Central Hospital filled in the 15D survey before and six months after operation. Direct hospital costs were obtained from a patient administration database and were examined from the perspective of secondary care provider.

RESULTS: After SVS, the HRQoL score improved in 71% of the patients, and the mean score increased from 0.919 (on a 0-1 scale) preoperatively to 0.933 postoperatively at 6 months (p < 0.001). Patients with a clinically important result from SVS (> or = 0.03 increase in the HRQoL score) had significantly worse HRQoL at baseline. At 6 months postoperatively, the mean (SD) hospital costs were 1637 euros (693) and the mean quality-adjusted life year (QALY) gain 0.504 (1.674), respectively. Thus, the mean cost per QALY gained during a 6-month period was 3248 euros for SVS.

CONCLUSIONS: Superficial venous surgery improves HRQoL, and is a cost-effective treatment of symptomatic superficial venous insufficiency.

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