Pulse – Hospital Ward’s Situation Management Software

Have an overview to your hospital ward’s situation, reserve beds for patients, plan shifts and responsibilities, and monitor your personnel’s wellbeing

Typical challenges of a hospital ward

  • Nurse shifts and tasks
  • Overview of the ward and patients
  • Personnel’s wellbeing and workloads
  • Management of the patient flow, beds
Pulse – Hospital ward's situation

Pulse – Hospital ward’s situation


Pulse – Hospital ward's situation
A magnetic whiteboard & prints


Pulse – Hospital ward's situation
Modern real-time system with the right information to support the operations of the ward

Pulse: an easy to use & interactive system

Pulse offers a real-time overview about the hospital ward’s situation

  • patients
  • nurse’s shift plans
  • nurse – patient responsibilities
  • which patients the doctor has seen
  • bed reservation system
  • wellbeing of the nurses

Works in the browser – can be used e.g. in a touch screen display at the nurse’s office wall, in the doctor’s cart laptop, in the nurse’s own computers etc.

Pulse – Hospital ward's situation

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