Cureus. 2022 Aug; 14(8): e28556.

Kinematic Alignment Bi-unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty With Oxford Partial Knees: A Technical Note

Takafumi Hiranaka,corresponding author1 Takaaki Fujishiro,1 Motoki Koide,1 and Koji Okamoto1

Bi-unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (BiUKA) is an alternative to total knee arthroplasty for selected patients. Although it is thought to be technically demanding, the technique has not been previously described in detail. Kinematic alignment (KA) implantation and bone cuts parallel to the native joint line would be beneficial to ensure optimal mechanical loading. Here, we detail a technique for KA-BiUKA using the Oxford partial knees. The joint line is identified using the spoon of the microplasty instrumentation system with/without the accessory spoons. The tibia is cut parallel with the joint line using a side-slidable ankle yoke so that the inclination of the cutting block is parallel with the spoon surface. After defining the horizontal bone-cutting lines, the predominantly affected condyle is operated upon, followed by the lesser affected condyle. Although custom-made devices are required, the technique is useful and reproducible in the performance of KA-BiUKA with the Oxford partial knees.

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