International Orthopaedics October 2006, Volume 30, Issue 5, pp 381–386

Favourable mid-term results of the VerSys CT polished cemented femoral stem for total hip arthroplasty

González Della Valle, A., Comba, F., Zoppi, A. et al.

We evaluated the mid-term clinical and radiographical performance of a cohort of patients who underwent primary total hip replacement with a modern, forged cobalt–chrome, polished cemented femoral stem with proximal and distal centralisation. Sixty-seven patients with 73 hybrid total hip replacements were followed up clinically and radiographically for an average of 6.1 years (4–8.5). No patient was lost. No hips required revision, and all stems are radiographically well-fixed. Four hips developed localised osteolysis: one at the site of a proximal periprosthetic fracture, another at the level of a lateral femoral window of a previous core decompression, the third at the mid third of the femoral component, and the fourth on the greater trochanter, associated with accelerated polyethylene wear. This modern polished stem yielded excellent, predictable clinical and radiographic results at an intermediate follow-up.

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