Fed Pract. 2022 Apr; 39(4): 186–189.

Elective Total Hip Arthroplasty: Which Surgical Approach Is Optimal?

William T. Sheahan, MDcorresponding authora and Thomas E. Sheahan, PT, DPTa


For decades, the total hip arthroplasty procedure of choice has been a standard posterior approach. In the past several years, modified muscle-sparing surgical approaches have been introduced, including the mini posterior and direct anterior approaches. However, the optimal surgical approach is still being debated.

Case Presentation

This case report describes a patient with right hip end-stage degenerative joint disease, a comparison of the mini posterior and direct anterior approaches, and the patient’s choice of procedure.


The final decision for total hip arthroplasty approaches should be dependent on the patient-surgeon relationship and informed decision making.

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