International Orthopaedics February 2009, Volume 33, Issue 1, pp 59–63

Does surgical approach influence component positioning with Birmingham Hip Resurfacing?

Myers, G.J.C., Morgan, D., McBryde, C.W. et al.

The aim of this study was to compare the component positioning of Birmingham Hip Resurfacings implanted through a posterolateral approach with those inserted via a direct lateral approach. Sixty-four hip resurfacings for osteoarthritis were carried out by a single surgeon: 23 through a direct lateral approach and 41 through a posterolateral approach. No significant differences in implant survival, Oxford Hip Scores or complications were found. The mean abduction angle for the acetabular component was lower (p < 0.007) with a posterior approach (mean: 37.5°; range 26–50°) than the lateral approach (mean: 43°; range 30–56°). There was no significant difference in stem orientation, either in flexion/extension or varus/valgus, between the two groups. This study demonstrates that components can be implanted in an acceptable orientation through either approach but that the posterior approach results in greater closure of the acetabular component.

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