The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 36, Issue 1, 250 - 254

Anterior Revision Hip Arthroplasty is Associated With Higher Wound Complications but Fewer Dislocations Compared to Posterior Revision Hip Surgery

Kurkis, Gregory M. et al.


Wound complication after primary direct anterior (DAA) hip arthroplasty has been reported in the literature but there has been no comparison regarding revision anterior vs revision posterior (PA) hip arthroplasty. The authors hypothesize that anterior approach revision surgery may have increased wound complications compared with posterior hip revisions and also report on secondary outcome metrics.


Ninety-nine DAA and 191 PA revisions were included for analysis. Preoperative demographic characteristics, indication for revision, operative details, type of revision performed, components utilized, and postoperative complications were compared between DAA and PA groups including multivariate analysis.


The DAA cohort demonstrated an increased risk of superficial wound complications (7.1% vs 0.5%, P = .003) and a decreased dislocation rate (2.0% vs 13.1%, P = .002). There was a trend toward increased overall complications in the PA group (OR 1.71, P = .078).


Revision DAA THA is associated with an increased risk of superficial wound complications, but may impart a decreased dislocation rate.

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