Returning to an Active Life

01.06.2017 — Patient stories

Part 1: Introduction and early mood

Returning to an Active Life is a video series starring Jukka, 48, as he undergoes treatment at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement. The series is filmed as Jukka progresses on their treatment path. In the first part of the series, we interview Jukka after they have met with Coxa’s orthopaedic specialist and decided on getting surgery.

Part 2: Preparing for the surgery

Joint replacement surgery is no small operation, and it will tax the body. Patients should be in the best possible condition at the time of the surgery. Good health is good for recovery and prevents complications.
In the second part of the series, we look into Jukka’s training regimen before the surgery. Exercise will be aimed at improving your general health, muscle strength and elasticity, joint mobility and balance. You can find instructions for pre-operative exercise in OmaCoxa, among other places.

Part 3: The surgery and early mobility

The preparations have been made and Jukka is now due for surgery. We interview Jukka as he is about to check into the hospital, and follow up on his rehabilitation in the ward the day after the surgery.

The sooner you can get into an upright position and start moving, the better the chance of recovery and avoiding complications. The inpatient ward nurses help patients sit up and, their condition permitting, stand and walk around on the day of your surgery.

Part 4: Recovery period

It has been two weeks since the surgery. We visit Jukka at his home, where Jukka will walk us through his recovery so far.

Recovery is supported by exercises, walking and simply doing daily chores. Walks can be gradually upgraded from hundreds of metres to kilometres. To avoid excessive strain, it is better to start with several short walks a day.

On slippery ice and snow, non-skid shoes or shoe accessories should be used, as well as ice spikes on crutches. Active exercise should be balanced with daily rest to prevent pain and swelling.

Part 5: Post-operative check-up

It is time for Jukka’s post-operative check-up. The post-operative check-up at Coxa takes place two to three months after the surgery. The patient will receive an invitation to the Coxa outpatient clinic by post.

Before the post-operative check-up, patients should undergo all the tests they have been referred to. The check-up is used to assess the mobility and functional ability of the patient, and to examine X-rays. The post-operative check-up is carried out by an orthopaedist or physiotherapist. Periodic examinations are used to monitor patients, and their schedule is decided on during the check-up.

Part 6: 9 months after the operation