Newfound rhythm

01.06.2017 — Patient stories

After lengthy consideration, Päivi Syrjälä from Loppi had joint replacement surgery in October 2015 and had her quality of life improve quickly.

“I left my pain behind at Coxa,” says Syrjälä with satisfaction.

Now 39, Syrjälä suffered for years from a hereditary hip condition that caused severe pain, limiting her life and preventing her from enjoying her beloved hobby of dancing.

Glowing recommendations made Syrjälä get a referral from occupational healthcare to Coxa at Tampere.

“My cousin had their operation at Coxa some years ago, and their experience spurred my decision on,” says Syrjälä.

Pain radiating from the hip made chores difficult for the mother of two children, ages 7 and 10. Pain medication was no longer effective.

Working with her husband at their family farm, as well as a farm relief worker, Syrjälä points out the nightly pain at rest being the worst

Syrjälä had to bite the bullet and get on with the work, aside from a short sick leave.

Woman dancing with big smile on her face

Surprisingly quick recovery

The surgery took one hour and forty-five minutes. Syrjälä was surprised by the speed of their recovery – she could walk around the day of the surgery.

“I was up and about in the ward the next day,” says Syrjälä, praising the effective service and care at Coxa.

“I got all the help I needed in the ward and the people were polite and kind.”

Syrjälä was discharged two days after her surgery. Her recovery was supported by the rehabilitation programme they had prepared together with Coxa’s physiotherapist. The programme yielded results quickly.

“One week after returning home I could go for continuous two-kilometre walks,” says Syrjälä.

At first she used crutches, but could walk unassisted after three weeks.

“The wound was somewhat painful, but my joint pain was gone immediately after the surgery.”

The post-operative check-up was over quickly. Imaging showed the leg to be correctly orientated and fully mobile.

“From then on, I was free to live a normal life,” says Syrjälä with a smile.

Dancing twice a week

Syrjälä quickly took to exercising. Having started the hobby four years ago, she is now more keen than ever to go open-air dancing. Syrjälä can now go dancing twice a week. She also participates in different dance courses to learn new things.

“I can now move without pain. I have regained the ability to do the things I could do before the pain,” Syrjälä sums up gladly.

Regular exercise also takes the form of jogging with the family Rottweiler.

For anyone with similar pain, Syrjälä says that waiting is not the answer.

“Get surgery on time and get moving as soon as you can. I definitely waited too long to get the surgery. Now that I know Coxa can stop the pain immediately, all those years of suffering seem pointless,” she says.

Syrjälä is coming back to Coxa some time later to get her other hip repaired as well.