Mobility exercises and muscle stretches

To stretch your muscles, perform one stretch for each main muscle group until you feel resistance, then hold for five to fifteen seconds.

When increasing joint mobility, the joint should be taken to the end of its range of motion. Hold the stretch for twenty to thirty seconds. Repeat three to five times for each main muscle group. Stretch daily.

The exercises have been divided into levels according to their difficulty. Always start with the light exercises and reasonable repetitions to let your body adjust and to learn the correct technique. Once you are familiar with the exercise, you can try the next level. Light pain medication may be needed to enable exercise or make it more enjoyable.


Calf stretch 1

Calf stretch 2

Quadriceps stretch

Seated hamstrings stretch

Lying knee bend

Hip flexor stretch 1

Hip flexor stretch 2

Hip flexor stretch 3

Hip flexion 1

Hip flexion 2

Hip flexion 3

External hip rotation