Balance exercises

Several aging-related changes, such as a slower central nervous system, weakening senses and degeneration of the musculoskeletal system, may cause issues with balance and increase the risk of falling. Motor skills require exercise to maintain and improve, and hence your balance skills will need to be constantly maintained as well. You can improve your balance with regular exercise. Balance exercise can be integrated into daily activities like washing, household chores, cleaning and laundering.

Weakening balance often comes with the fear of falling, which may further restrict movement. Exercise can reduce both the risk and the fear of falling, as you learn your ability to your control balance, as well as its limits.

The exercises have been divided into levels according to their difficulty. Always start with the light exercises and reasonable repetitions to let your body adjust and to learn the correct technique. Once you are familiar with the exercise, you can try the next level. Light pain medication may be needed to enable exercise or make it more enjoyable.


Tandem stand


One-footed balancing 1


One-footed balancing 2

One-footed balancing 3