Level 3

Hip exercise programme, level 2.

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Wall squat

  • Stand up straight against a wall with your feet hip-width apart and a resistance band tied around your knees. Keep your heels off the wall by about twenty centimetres.
  • Flex your knees outwards against the band. Squat down slowly while keeping your knees and toes lined up. Rise up slowly. Keep your back to the wall throughout the exercise.
  • Start with shallow squats to make sure you can raise yourself. The lower the squat, the harder the challenge. You can also perform the exercise without the resistance band.
  • Start with ten repetitions and increase as your fitness improves

Stair step with leg raise

  • Stand up straight in front of a bench or step that is twenty to thirty centimetres tall.
  • Put your right foot on the step, push up on it and lift your left leg forward with its knee bent. Bring your right hand forward simultaneously. Return your left foot on the floor and bring your right foot next to your left foot.
  • Alternate your feet and keep up a brisk pace for ten to fifteen repetitions. Increase repetitions as your fitness improves.

Balance exercise – dynamic II

  • Stand up straight and keep your arms slack by your sides. Brace your midsection by lightly tensioning your abdominals (stomach muscles).
  • Raise your right leg forward with your hip flexed and knee bent. Stretch your right leg out in front of you and stretch your left arm forward and your right arm down by your side.
  • Bend your right leg again and let your arms hang down by your sides. Stretch your right leg out behind you and stretch your right arm forward and your left arm down by your side. Do not let your upper body tilt forward.
  • Repeat three to five times at a careful pace.
  • Perform the exercise on each leg.

External hip rotation III

  • Sit on a chair with one ankle on the other leg’s knee.
  • Lightly press down on the free knee and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat two to three times on each leg.

Hip raise with leg stretch

  • Lie down on the floor with your knees bent. Hold your arms slack by your body.
  • Squeeze your buttocks together and raise your hips up slowly. Keep your hips raised and shift your weight to one foot. Stretch one leg out straight and lower it back down next to the other foot. Keep your hips straight. Lower your hips slowly. Perform the exercise on each leg.
  • Start with ten to fifteen repetitions and increase as your fitness improves.