Level 1

Hip exercise programme, level 1.

Hip flexor and quadriceps stretch

  • Stand straight with one leg supported by a stool.
  • Hold the bent leg still and gently push your hips forward. You should feel the stretch in the front of your thigh and hips.
  • Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat the stretch on both legs.

Chair squat

  • Stand in front of a chair with your legs hip-width apart, facing out. Hold your hands to your hips or crossed on your chest.
  • Perform a controlled squat towards the chair without sitting down. When the rear of your thigh touches the chair, rise up slowly. Keep your weight spread across both feet.
    The lower the chair, the harder the challenge.
  • Start with ten repetitions and increase as your fitness improves.

External hip rotation I

  • Lie down on your side and bend your knees. Place your top hand lightly on your hip.
  • Rotate your top leg upwards with your feet together. Lower the leg back to its starting position. Keep your back straight and hips still throughout the exercise.
  • Start with ten to fifteen repetitions and increase as your fitness improves. Perform the exercise on each leg.

Hip raise

• Lie down on a bed or on the floor. Bend your legs. Hold your arms slack by your body.
• Squeeze your buttocks together and raise your hips up slowly. Hold for five seconds. Lower your hips slowly.
• Start with five to ten repetitions and increase as your fitness improves.
• You can increase the challenge by lifting your feet a few times while your hips are off the ground. Keep your hips straight while you lift your feet.