When should I get surgery?

When is joint replacement necessary?

The most common reason for joint replacement surgery is advanced osteoarthritis that cannot be treated by other methods. When joint pain makes normal movement and living difficult, or the joint suffers pain at rest and medication is no longer effective, a surgery may be required. Joint replacement surgery is a way of improving one’s ability to function. For some patients, this will mean that they can carry out their daily chores, for others it is an opportunity to continue their physically active lifestyle.

When is the decision for surgery made?

The surgery decision is always made after joint consideration between the orthopaedist and the patient at the patient’s assessment visit at Coxa. If surgery is deemed necessary, Coxa will provide you with instructions on how to prepare.

The best joint for you

Artificial joints are made from cobalt-chromium, steel, ceramics, titanium and hard plastics. The artificial joint can be affixed to the bone with bone cement or glue, or it can remain uncemented. Uncemented joints have a rough surface that the patient’s bone can grow onto. Joint replacement surgery may also require bone transplants, plates and screws.

There are numerous types and models of artificial joints with more being researched and developed. Coxa uses high-quality Zimmer, Biomet and DePuySynthes artificial joints. We at Coxa keep up to date with the development of artificial joints and use the latest knowledge and technology.

Your orthopaedist will plan your surgery individually. Your new joint will be selected according to your ability to function, age and bone structure.

A doctor talking to a patient about artificial joint surgery