Coxa accepts patients from all over Finland

As a Finn, Coxa joint replacement care is available to you with the referral of a licenced physician or a municipal promissory note or service voucher, or through our evening practice.

Freedom to choose one’s care provider

Since 2014, the Finnish Health Care Act has allowed you to choose your care provider freely from Finland’s public specialised healthcare units. As Coxa is publicly owned and part of the PSHP group (Pirkanmaa Hospital District), you can seek our care with the referral of a licenced physician that indicates you are free to choose your care provider. The referral must be addressed to PSHP/Coxa. The freedom of choice in specialised healthcare covers non-urgent hospital specialist services and care.

Surgery costs

When exercising your freedom of choice, your treatment will cost the same as it would in your local hospital. An outpatient clinic visit costs €41.20 and one day of care costs €47.90. Your care at Coxa is in the hands of top professionals.

The surgery will be performed at no extra cost to you. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kansaneläkelaitos; Kela) will reimburse your travel costs to the university hospital closest to your municipality of residence. The freedom of choice also pertains to post-operative follow-up of joint replacement operations, as well as potential reoperations.

For more information about your freedom of choice and becoming our patient, please call +358 3 311 715.

Become a Coxa patient with a municipal referral or promissory note

If your place of residence is within the Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s Special Responsibility Area, you can become our patient with the referral of a healthcare centre physician or hospital physician.

If your place of residence is located outside this area, you will need a promissory note from your local hospital district or municipality, or a service voucher. Service voucher holders are free to choose their care provider from all service providers who have been approved by their municipality of residence in their register of service providers.

Individual surgery need assessment at Coxa Tampere (evening practice) or at an outpatient clinic

  • Coxa’s evening practice in Tampere is open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • The Coxa outpatient clinic in Helsinki operates on the premises of the Aava Medical Centre in the Kamppi shopping centre (Annankatu 32A).
  • Coxa has remote orthopaedic practices in Turku, Lahti, Pori and Ylöjärvi. Call now to book an appointment!

Our experienced orthopaedists will assess your individual need for joint replacement. If surgery is deemed necessary, you can receive your freedom-of-choice surgery referral immediately.

For appointments or information, call +358 3 311 715.