Artificial joint surgery

Choosing the patient’s artificial joint

At Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement, we have precise and up-to-date information about the artificial joints on the market because we carry out our own extensive and world-class research monitoring regarding different artificial joint models. In artificial joint surgeries, we only use models that our research has proven to be the best options for our patients.

Each artificial joint surgery is carefully planned. Assisted by a computer, the orthopaedist prepares for the surgery based on X-rays taken with a measuring tool. The planning involves selecting for each surgery an artificial joint model that best suits the patient need.

Artificial joints, i.e. implants, are made of plastics, metals and ceramics. You can find more information about the artificial joint models we use on the pages covering different artificial joint surgeries.

CoxaPro is an open data bank containing research on artificial joint surgeries. CoxaPro’s Clinical Library also includes industry-relevant research publications on different artificial joint models.

The service life of an artificial joint varies based on the surgery and implant. The probability of no mechanical issues occurring in the artificial joint during the first 10 years is over 95%. The majority of artificial joints will last considerably longer.

The artificial joint can be replaced in an artificial joint replacement surgery.