Coxa lowers prices and expands – society saves two million a year

30.01.2017 — News

In 2017, Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement will lower its prices for municipal customers. Society will benefit some two million euros annually thanks to the lower prices. The largest savings for municipalities will come from primary hip and knee surgeries, the most numerous types of surgery, where the prices will be reduced by approximately 5%. As demand continues to increase, Coxa will expand its operations.

The number of surgeries performed at Coxa has increased continuously: the record of 2015, 3,091 patients, was quickly a thing of the past, as Coxa treated 3,700 patients in 2016. The growing number of surgeries has allowed Coxa to streamline its operations for several years, which has made the current price drop possible.

“We could grow our operations and turnover effectively in 2016. As a publicly owned company, our objective is to offer the best possible care at the most cost-effective price,” says Tarmo Matikainen, Coxa’s Managing Director.

Maintaining quality in the face of increasing demand

Patients exercising their freedom to choose their care provider are a significant reason for the improved result. The patient’s freedom to choose allows them to select their specialist healthcare provider together with the referring physician. Last year, Coxa received patients from every hospital district in Finland. The number of “free-choice” patients increased 60% from last year.

“Despite our growth, we have been able to continuously improve the quality of our care. According to patient feedback, 98% of our customers would recommend us to their best friend. Although the increasing demand has put pressure on our surgical operations, our treatment times remain competitive. We still put the individual planning of the surgery schedule before everything else,” Martikainen emphasises.

Expansion to prepare for the social and health services reform

Coxa will expand its capacity by 25% in the coming years to keep up with the growing demand. Plans are underway to expand operations by returning facilities from sublease back to Coxa.

“We wish to be the best possible partner for the current municipalities, the coming provinces and private operators in Finland. We believe that demanding joint replacement surgery will continue to concentrate in a few select hospitals, and we wish to be ready to serve our customers in every possible way,” says Martikainen.
Further information:
Tarmo Martikainen
Managing Director, Tekonivelsairaala Coxa Oy
+358 50 558 4579

Tekonivelsairaala Coxa Oy is the only hospital in Finland fully specialising in joint replacement surgery. In 2015, Coxa treated 3,091 patients and employed 192 top professionals. Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is committed to providing the best possible care for its patients and quickly restoring their functional ability and quality of life. Coxa is world-class in patient safety. Coxa is the leading national hospital for reoperations, which require specialised expertise and sufficient experience. Coxa also has the expertise to treat patients with tumours and infections.