Preparing for the surgery

Good general health and muscle strength ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis and support a quick recovery after surgery. Exercise will be aimed at improving your general health, muscle strength and elasticity, joint mobility and balance. Increase the rate and degree of exercise gradually. If your joint is infected or becomes very painful during exercise, reduce the strain. Pain medication will help you move. See exercises in OmaCoxa

How to prepare for joint replacement surgery

I take care of my health

  • my base illnesses under control
  • my skin is undamaged
  • I have no infections
  • I move actively and follow the exercise instructions
  • I have a balanced diet
  • I do not smoke, or will quit smoking at least four weeks prior to the surgery
  • I avoid using alcohol
  • I have stopped taking natural supplements and Omega 3 supplements, or will stop taking them at least two weeks prior to the surgery

The day before the surgery

  • I will wash myself thoroughly
  • I will check the condition of my skin
  • I will eat normally and eat a nutritious supper
  • I will not eat after midnight. I may take one or two glasses of water and a cup of coffee or tea on the morning of the surgery.
  • If I cannot make it to the surgery, I will call Coxa to let them know (+358 3 3117 8179).

What should I bring with me to Coxa?

  • my daily medication in its original packaging or a pill organiser with a medication list (e.g. insulin pen, blood sugar meter, asthma inhaler, eye drops)
  • my crutches or walker
  • my mobile phone and its charger
  • my personal toiletries
  • indoor footwear that is easy to put on
  • comfortable leisurewear for the ward
  • my Kela card
  • as necessary: my glasses and their case, my hearing aid and compatible batteries, my MAREVAN card, my CPAP device, etc.
  • I shall leave all jewellery at home and only bring a little cash

I will prepare for my discharge from the hospital

  • I will make sure that my home is safe and accessible with mobility aids
  • I will borrow mobility aids from my municipality’s health centre
  • I will make arrangements for food, groceries and pharmacy visits
  • I will evaluate my ability to do chores after the surgery and arrange help as necessary from family and friends, municipal home care or private service providers
  • I will ask a loved one to support my rehabilitation in the ward and at home, and will let them know they will receive the necessary instructions from Coxa

I will prepare for the surgery mentally

  • I understand that the surgery is only one part of a successful outcome
  • I will prepare myself to move actively and exercise in spite of pain
  • I can contribute to my recovery by keeping my mind calm and my body relaxed

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