Patient rights

We want to be worthy of your trust. We develop our operations continuously based on patient feedback. You can give us direct feedback about the care and service you receive. Whenever possible, please give your feedback directly to our staff.

Coxa’s patient ombudsman is Marja-Liisa Nieminen from PSHP, who can tell you about patient rights and guide you through the drafting of a notice, complaint or claim, if necessary. The ombudsman’s telephone number is +358 3 3116 5119 link to other contact information.

Patient registers
Information about the examinations and treatment of patients is collected in a patient register. Read more.

Patient documents
We ask you to confirm the release of your patient information when you arrive at Coxa, as we cannot verify any permissions or bans you have set in My Kanta. Read more.

Complaints and damages
If you have a problem with your care or treatment, you may file a complaint or a notice of injury. Read more.

My Kanta
My Kanta is a service provided for citizens that allow you to view your electronic recipe and healthcare information online. Read more.