In the ward after surgery

A successful outcome takes diligent rehabilitation after surgery. This will require you to take initiative. Coxa will provide you with comprehensive support and instructions for rehabilitation to make your recovery at home as straightforward as possible.

After the surgery, it is your turn to act

A nurse helping a patient walk with crutches after surgeryYou will gradually assume the responsibility for your rehabilitation, starting in the inpatient ward. The aim is to have you eating while sitting down and walking about the room as soon as possible. Every action will be part of your rehabilitation: dressing, getting out of bed, doing exercises, walking and washing. Our physiotherapist will ensure that you perform the exercises correctly and learn to walk with your aids. Our nurse will guide you with your medication and how to care for your wound.

Before I am discharged

  • I know how to care for my wound
  • I know how to use my medication
  • I can cope at home by myself or with the support of friends, family or other pre-arranged help
  • I will assume responsibility for my rehabilitation
  • I know who to contact if I need help

Visitors to the inpatient ward and discharge from the hospital

  • We welcome all loved ones to visit you in the ward and support your recovery!
  • Visitors are free to come to the ward until 8 p.m. (please call +358 3 3117 8040).
  • After being discharged, you can be taken home by friends or family in a car or in a semi-upright position by patient taxi.  You can also be discharged in the evening, if you wish.