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Treatment path of osteoarthritis from exercise to surgery

Exercise is the foundation for treating osteoarthritis, but any sports causing hard impacts should be avoided. Sufficient rest is important to counterbalance exercising. The whole treatment path of osteoarthritis: Exercise and rest For example, walking, cross-country skiing, cycling and swimming… Read more →

Artificial joint surgery

Choosing the patient’s artificial joint At Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement, we have precise and up-to-date information about the artificial joints on the market because we carry out our own extensive and world-class research monitoring regarding different artificial joint models.… Read more →

Coxa mukana Team Rynkeby – God Morgon -pyöräilyssä – Coxassa leikatut Jukka ja Tarja pyöräilevät sairaiden lasten hyväksi

Coxa on ensi kesänä mukana eurooppalaisessa Team Rynkeby – God Morgon -hyväntekeväisyystapahtumassa, jossa osallistujat pyöräilevät Pariisiin ja keräävät siten rahaa vakavasti sairaiden lasten hyväksi. Coxa tukee tapahtuman hyväntekeväisyyskohdetta, Aamu Suomen Lasten Syöpäsäätiötä ja Sylva ry:tä, kahden tapahtumaan osallistuvan entisen potilaansa… Read more →

Coxa in numbers 2019

Measuring health care results is essential in terms of quality control, patients’ access to information and prioritising limited resources. At Coxa, we regularly measure the success of our surgeries and their impact on the life of our clients using various… Read more →

Visiting hours at the inpatient ward

Visits to the inpatient ward We welcome all loved ones to visit you in the ward and support your recovery! Visitors are free to come to the ward until 8 p.m. (please call +358 3 3117 8040). After being discharged,… Read more →