The most important artificial joint research now available to all

26.08.2019 — Joint replacement surgery news

Both orthopaedists and patients considering an artificial joint operation need centralised information on the most important research in the field. The subject resonates with many people because roughly a million Finns suffer from osteoarthritis. The databank compiled at is the first collection of the essential research articles in artificial joint surgery available to all.

Antti Eskelinen, Unit Senior Physician and Research Director at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement, is in favour of the free availability of research data.

“The objective of our work group formed in 2017 is to offer the reader only reliable and neutral factual data on the results of artificial joint operations and the latest research results around the topic,” says Antti Eskelinen, Research Director at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement.

“Neutrality means that both the good results and the bad ones, if any, are published in order to learn from them,” Eskelinen continues.

There is information on the Internet, but its accuracy and neutrality cannot always be trusted.

“The easy availability of essential research data also truly popularises and develops the field,” says Antti Eskelinen, who has for a long time been receiving enquiries from orthopaedists in different countries about the availability of research articles.

Academic artificial joint research in Finland centred in Tampere

Finnish orthopaedists engaging in patient work often lack the time to sift through all the information in research articles related to the field, published at short intervals. Professionals therefore want a clear source of information as well.

“One of our objects was to collect information that is of benefit to the reader in a compact form in one place. Those who need the information also include, for example, health care decision-makers,” Antti Eskelinen says.

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement produces more research publications in the field than any other university hospital. Part of these are made in international cooperation with University College London and Harvard Medical School, for example. In addition, other essential international research data has been selected for the CoxaPro databank. The databank will be supplemented as new research yields relevant information.

A total of 4,569 artificial joint operations were performed at Coxa last year

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is the only hospital in Finland specialising purely in artificial joint surgery and one of Europe’s leading hospitals in the field. In addition to the Hospital for Joint Replacement in Tampere, Coxa has outpatient clinics, for example, in Helsinki, Lahti, Pori and Turku.

In 2018, a total of 4,569 operations were performed at Coxa. In artificial joint repeat surgeries, which require special competence and sufficient experience from the doctors, Coxa is the leading hospital nationally. The NPS score measuring the customer satisfaction at Coxa was 95 last year.

Antti Eskelinen, Unit Senior Physician and Research Director at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement, is in favour of the free availability of research data.