CoxaPro provides reliable information about joint replacement surgery

10.09.2018 — Joint replacement surgery news

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Antti Eskelinen
Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon
Research Director

CoxaPro provides reliable information about joint replacement surgery

Welcome to the brand new CoxaPro website! The idea to build this website was born in 2017. Back then, it had become clear to us at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement that in the field of joint replacement surgery, too, the Internet is full of information, much of which is either meaningless, guided by commercial interests or completely wrong.

We started a work group aimed at providing only impartial factual information about joint replacement operations and their results as well as the latest research results on the subject. We wanted to compile in one place and in a condensed format relevant information that is useful to the reader – regardless of whether the reader is a person suffering from osteoarthritis, an orthopaedic surgeon performing joint replacements or a decision-maker in health care. CoxaPro is maintained in Finnish and English in order to serve the widest readership possible.

Research results, news, articles and tools

CoxaPro contains current news connected to joint replacement surgery from Finland and around the world. In the news feed, we share new research results, information about the effectiveness of our activities or wide-scale health care policies, such as the effect of the social and health care reform on joint replacement surgery in Finland. We may also share the latest news from orthopaedic conferences around the world.

Our blog posts address topical issues. They provide perspectives on joint replacement surgery from many different viewpoints and professional groups. Our scientific articles are all on the Clinical Library page. Anyone can freely download them for reading.

The Coxa Tools page presents digital tools that facilitate management of the hospital’s activities, which Coxa has developed in cooperation with IT experts.

Continuous improvement and active research

The past few years have been a time of strong growth at Coxa (the annual volume of surgeries has increased by over 30%), and we are already doing in excess of 4,000 joint replacement operations a year, mainly hip and knee replacements. We have also systematically improved our activities using the Lean method, completed ambitious digitalisation projects in cooperation with IT professionals and strongly invested in research activities.

Our international cooperation with other top units and universities (such as University College London and Harvard Medical School) has been successful and taken our research activities to a whole new level. In the course of our research activities, it has also become very clear that the foundations of our activities – our treatment results – can stand open comparison with any hospital worldwide.

We strongly believe that continuous improvement of activities and active research benefits Finnish patients, for whom we exist, as well as Finnish society as a whole through cost-effective activities.

We do not plan to rest on our laurels. Instead, we will continue to assess our activities and results, compare them with others and, naturally, further improve our activities. The world is never done. We also intend to be pioneers in that we openly publish our results on our website and encourage others to do the same.

CoxaPro’s journey is just beginning, and we appreciate all feedback from readers to further improve the website and its contents!