Coxa operates on 50,000th joint – patient data now supports hospitals in the Netherlands and Sweden

07.10.2019 — Joint replacement surgery news

Opened in 2002, the Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement has operated on the 50,000th joint in its history. The precise background data collected on patients created a tool that, through artificial intelligence, is used to enable individual risk assessments concerning joint replacement surgery. The tool is also being piloted in hospitals in Sweden and the Netherlands.

An exceptionally comprehensive and precise database in global terms has been compiled on the health, risk factors and surgery results of more than 35,000 patients operated on at Coxa over the past 11 years.

Developed in Tampere, the system utilises artificial intelligence to create a forecast of the patient’s complication and infection risk, among other matters, based on their age, gender, weight, height and other health information. The objective is to improve the success rate of operations and reduce complications. This saves money and alleviates patients’ suffering.

“An international trial of the tool is under way in Sweden and the Netherlands, with the aim of clarifying how accurate the risk levels based on our data are in other hospitals. The algorithm of the tool will be fine-tuned, if necessary, to ensure that it produces a forecast that is as accurate as possible for other hospitals to take advantage of,” says Teemu Moilanen, Chief Medical Director at Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement.

A key element is that the tool helps to identify patients who should not be operated on or who should improve their state of health before the operation.

According to Antti Eskelinen, Research Director at Coxa, there have been attempts to create such an application elsewhere in the world, but the results have been superficial. Automating risk assessment at such a scale has not been attempted in any country.

After duty cycles in Sweden and the Netherlands, it is time to commercialise the new export product, founded on Finnish medical expertise, more widely.

Coxa proves the theory of specialised hospitals correct

In 2002, Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement employed 50 people. Currently, there are more than 250 employees. In the hospital’s first full year of operation in 2003, there were slightly fewer than 1,500 operations; in 2017, the number had risen to over 4,000, reaching over 5,000 this year.   Currently, in terms of the number of operations, Coxa is one of the largest hospitals for joint replacement surgery in Europe.

When Coxa opened in 2002, there was scientific evidence that quality can be improved by specialising on a single issue at a specialised hospital.

“Complications, such as patient injuries, occur less frequently than in control hospitals. The large-scale processes, made possible by this specialisation, also have a cost-cutting effect,” says Chief Medical Director Teemu Moilanen.

Coxa has proven the theory correct, because prices have dropped while the number of operations has increased. Coxa has reduced municipal prices by five percent over the past three years, for example, and prices have gone down by approximately 10 percent in real terms.

At the same time, the quality, or the measured success of operations and their impacts, has remained high. According to Teemu Moilanen, an important aspect of quality is safety, which is associated with a small amount of complications and their identification.

“The strength of a hospital specialising on one issue is the ability to treat even rare patient complications. In a specialised hospital, these complications are likely to be well known already.”

The high level of quality is visible in the results of the surgery follow-up metrics published by Coxa on its website. The results of the NPS customer survey, widely used in various fields to measure the quality of the customer experience, have been exceptionally high at Coxa for a long time now. In 2018, the score was 95.

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Coxa has published other measured indicators of its operations at: (2017)  (2018)

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Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacements
Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacements is the only hospital in Finland and one of the leading European hospitals specialising in joint replacement surgery. The entire staff at Coxa specialise in joint replacement surgery and represent the top of their field.

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement has the key goals of providing the best possible care to patients and rehabilitating them so that they are able to lead a normal life again.  From an international perspective, patient safety at Coxa is world-class.

In 2018, 4,569 operations were performed at Coxa. With regard to joint replacement surgeries requiring special expertise and sufficient experience from the surgeons, Coxa is the leading hospital in Finland. Coxa’s areas of expertise also include the treatment of tumor and infection patients. Last year, the NPS score measuring Coxa customer satisfaction was 95.