Coxa hospital auditing method

The Coxa hospital auditing method is a service developed to help in optimising hospital operations. As an end result, new operating methods and an entity enabling the best possible operation of the hospital are generated for use by the hospital. Dialogue and observance of the hospital conditions and operating culture constitute the starting points of the Coxa hospital auditing method.

The Coxa hospital auditing method is based on peer-assessed medical research data and on a multi-professional operating model assessed using several indicators. Its objectives include improving the hospital’s operational quality, cost-effectiveness and patient well-being.

We have been developing the Coxa hospital auditing method for over 10 years. It is based on Lean thinking, which continuously helps us to also improve customer satisfaction and quality in Coxa’s own operations, optimise treatment process lead-times and manage operational costs. You can read about the continuously measured results of our operations on these pages.

Sub-areas of the Coxa hospital auditing method

The process begins with a joint review of your operations, objectives and wishes at your hospital. Our experts will come to carry out interviews and to familiarise themselves with your operations.

Hospital operations
We will review, measure and assess many sub-areas of the hospital operations. The auditing includes operations of doctors and nurses, surgeries and nursing, pharmaceutical services, equipment maintenance, property maintenance, operation of the medical record system and laboratory services.

The review of the logistics of goods covers elements of the order, delivery and storage processes and an assessment of the logistics as a whole.

We will compare your operations against the operations of Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement and create optimal operating models in cooperation with you. You will also be provided detailed information about the operating models of Coxa.

We will analyse the work conditions of your professionals and the rehabilitation conditions of your patients. We will measure, for example, the temperature and air quality in an operating theatre and on the patient ward.

Transmission of information
The availability and transmission of information are among the most important individual sub-areas in the hospital processes. This involves, besides the medical record system and patient feedback system, the operating culture of the hospital as well.

The Coxa hospital auditing method emphasises the principle of open transmission of information. Information is always quickly accessible and available for review by all professionals in need of it.

At Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement, all professional groups are equals in performing joint replacement surgeries, each in their own professional role. Equality of all professions is also integral to the transmission of information

Support and training
We will offer your hospital the support needed to implement the new operating methods. The support can also involve training of your professionals.

Case Nairi Medical Centre, Armenia

The joint project of Coxa and the Armenian Nairi Medical Centre, The Nairi Coxa, became a success.

In 2015 Coxa and the Nairi Medical Centre signed a five-year cooperation agreement for starting a modern joint replacement surgery facility in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The surgery operations at Nairi Coxa started in May 2016.

Before, many Armenians would travel to Central Europe for their joint replacement surgery. Nairi Coxa changed the situation.

Before the auditing, for example, patients spent approximately two weeks at the hospital in connection with their joint replacement surgery. Following the auditing and joint development work, the patient hospitalisation period was down to 3–4 days when the new Nairi Coxa started its operations.

The success of the development work required trust, open review of the operating methods and readiness to implement new, justifiable practices. The change also involved practical preparation. An Armenian orthopaedist, physiotherapist and surgical nurse of Coxa Nairi spent three months in Tampere to familiarise themselves with the Coxa operating methods.

Further information
Contact person for the Coxa hospital auditing method:
Hannu Koivula, Project Director, +358 50 527 3436