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By Hospital for Joint Replacement Coxa

Top experts and impressive outcomes

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is an internationally leading hospital with effective and refined processes run by a highly skilled multi-professional team.

Coxa is one of the largest clinics specializing in joint replacements in Europe, and patient safety in joint replacement surgeries performed by our team of experts is among the best in the world.

Three doctors consulting each others

Research and high quality complement each other

Our outstanding research is based on systematic collection of data. Life-long post-operative monitoring of all our patients is a crucial element in our research and processes.

Active research and international collaboration allow us to receive both scientific, peer-evaluated evidence of our high quality and new information to apply in our joint replacement work.

Our wide research helps us create tools that enable their users to achieve even better results.


Nurse training with the patient

Coxa’s key goal

is to offer patients the best possible treatment and care to enable them to get back to their daily life fully fit and as quickly as possible.

We always keep the patient as the center of our methods.




Improving every day

Doctor explaining the process

“On the morning of each surgery day, our orthopedic specialists hold an x-ray meeting to discuss the previous day’s successes and to work on even better methods and ways to operate in our field. We compare and measure our results against international top-level achievements.”

“Life-long monitoring of patients, open assessment of all operations, refined processes and knowledge of the latest findings in joint replacement make us a leading hospital on an international scale.”

Antti Eskelinen
Doctor of medicine, associate professor of orthopedics and traumatologyassistant senior physician, research director



On an international scale, Coxa is a unique leading hospital focused on a narrow specialty. Coxa’s system, research and high quality complement and inform each other effectively. Coxa holds the ISO 9001 quality certificate.



Internationally leading research and solid quality assurance

4048 operations performed
2,33% resurgery for any reason within two years after surgery (performed in Coxa)
1,42% of patients returned to ward within 30 days after surgery
89 days average waiting time for surgery after referral

Analytics from surgeries

98% of Coxa's customers would recommend Coxa to their best friend


CEO Tarmo Martikainen explaining Coxa's concept

A unique concept

“We are a hub of expertise and familiar with special cases. At Coxa, we are well-placed to develop our own operational models and to monitor our results and effectiveness with great accuracy. Our high patient safety, clinical quality and efficacy are a result of our process-based operations.”

Tarmo Martikainen


Ongoing development processes generate best practices

Coxa’s operations have been broken down into processes so that they can be viewed and, if necessary, adjusted as smaller units. At each stage of any process, we aim to do the right thing in the right place and to get it right at the first time. As a result, those entering the next stage of the process can rely on the quality of work already carried out.

Refined processes also allow us to make the induction and training of new staff members functional and quick. Working at our hospital is not about anyone going solo, but about everyone following the best practices we have developed together and continuous development of our operations.

Patient journey: Carefully planned and measured

Patient journey step-by-step



Our strong operational culture is open to international assessment

Doctors and experts at the meeting

The ongoing development of our operations requires our entire multi-professional staff to maintain their professional approach, understanding, knowledge and skills. We have a strong operational culture and remain open to peer assessment. We make the results of our work available for international assessment.

At Coxa, we have a strong operational culture and remain open to peer assessment. We also assess the results of our work on the individual level, and we are aware that internal evaluation motivates us to develop ourselves further.


International collaboration

“Coxa is a multi-professional community with much to give and share about a culture of making things work: about teaching knowledge and skills, taking a particular approach and understanding the importance of specific roles. The foundations of our operations are well-defined and precise. By utilizing our processes we have made great advances in our collaboration project with Armenian Nairi Medical Center.”

Hannu Koivula
Project Director


Auditing to initiate collaboration – solving problems together

Instead of shortcuts, we offer training packages that can be best selected and utilized on the basis of needs identified in an audit process. Following the audit of your facility, we can draw up a proposal about starting a training collaboration.

The audit will be conducted by our experts and the final report will include a list of any actions we recommend for your facility. It is available for a fee.

The Coxa concept can help your facility to become a top-level joint replacement hospital that combines high quality, appropriate efficacy and individual treatment and care.

Coxa's staff are professionals with big work ethic

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