The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 31, Issue 1, 156 - 161

Stability of Uncemented Cups — Long-Term Effect of Screws, Pegs and HA Coating

Otten, Volker T.C. et al.

Screws, pegs and hydroxyapatite-coating are used to enhance the primary stability of uncemented cups. We present a 14-year follow-up of 48 hips randomized to four groups: press-fit only, press-fit plus screws, press-fit plus pegs and hydroxyapatite-coated cups. Radiostereometric migration measurements showed equally good stability regardless cup augmentation. The mean wear rate was high, 0.21 mm/year, with no differences between the groups. Seven hips had radiographical osteolysis but only in hips with augmented cups. Cups without screw-holes compared with cups with screw-holes resulted in better clinical outcome at the 14-year follow-up. Thus, augmentation of uncemented cups with screws, pegs, or hydroxyapatite did not appear to improve the long-term stability compared with press-fit only.

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