Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures in Total Hip Arthroplasty. HIP International. 2014;24(6):556-567.

Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Ohly NE, Whitehouse MR, Duncan CP.

Periprosthetic fractures in total hip arthroplasty (THA) are a significant problem facing hip surgeons, and were responsible for revision surgery in 9% of single stage revision THAs recorded in the National Joint Registry of England and Wales (NJR) in 2012; the 5th most common cause after aseptic loosening, osteolysis, pain and dislocation. The incidence has increased along with the number of THAs performed. Implants and techniques of THA continue to evolve, surgical indications are expanding and the number performed annually continues to rise. Furthermore, patients are undergoing THA earlier and living longer, leading to a rise in the average number of years at risk for periprosthetic fracture. In this review we will discuss the epidemiology of femoral periprosthetic fractures, their prevention, classification and the evidence base for their treatment.

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