Title Author Year Publish information
Elective Total Hip Arthroplasty: Which Surgical Approach Is Optimal? William T. Sheahan, MDcorresponding authora and Thomas E. Sheahan, PT, DPTa 2022 Fed Pract. 2022 Apr; 39(4): 186–189. Open
Does Goal Attainment Scaling improve satisfaction regarding performance of activities of younger knee arthroplasty patients? Study protocol of the randomized controlled ACTION trial Suzanne Witjes,corresponding author# Alexander Hoorntje,# P. Paul F. M. Kuijer, Koen L. M. Koenraadt, Leendert Blankevoort, Gino M. M. J. Kerkhoffs, and Rutger C. I. van Geenen 2016 BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2016; 17: 113. Open
Comparison of short-term outcomes between direct anterior approach (DAA) and SuperPATH in total hip replacement: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Nikolai Ramadanov,corresponding author1 Simon Bueschges,2 Kuiliang Liu,3 Philip Lazaru,4 and Ivan Marintschev5 2021 J Orthop Surg Res. 2021; 16: 324. Open
Does Humeral Component Version Affect Range of Motion and Clinical Outcomes in Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty? A Systematic Review Shivan S. Jassim,1 Lukas Ernstbrunner,1,2,3 and Eugene T. Ek1,4,* 2021 J Clin Med. 2021 Dec; 10(24): 5745. Open
Patient-Specific CT-Based Instrumentation versus Conventional Instrumentation in Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study on Clinical Outcomes and In-Hospital Data Andrzej Kotela, 1 , 2 , * Jacek Lorkowski, 1 Marek Kucharzewski, 3 Magdalena Wilk-Frańczuk, 4 Zbigniew Śliwiński, 5 Bogusław Frańczuk, 6 Paweł   Łęgosz, 2 and Ireneusz Kotela 1 , 7 2015 Biomed Res Int. 2015; 2015: 165908. Open
Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs as Prophylaxis for Heterotopic Ossification after Total Hip Arthroplasty Shun-Li Kan, MD, Bo Yang, MD, Guang-Zhi Ning, MD, Ling-Xiao Chen, MD, Yu-Lin Li, MD, Shi-Jie Gao, MD, Xing-Yu Chen, MD, Jing-Cheng Sun, MD, and Shi-Qing Feng, MD, PhD 2015 Medicine (Baltimore). 2015 May; 94(18): e828. Open
The Influence of Different Rotator Cuff Deficiencies on Shoulder Stability Following Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Andrea P. Caceres, MS,1,2 Vijay N. Permeswaran, PhD,1,2 Jessica E. Goetz, PhD,1,2 Carolyn M. Hettrich, MD, MPH,1 and Donald D. Anderson, PhDcorresponding author1 2019 Iowa Orthop J. 2019; 39(1): 63–68. Open
Return to Sports and Recreational Activity After Single-Stage Bilateral Short-Stem Total Hip Arthroplasty: 5-Year Results of a Prospective Observational Study Stefanie Donner, MD,* Philipp Rehbein, MD,* Michael Schneider, MD,* Joachim Pfeil, Prof, MD,* Philipp Drees, Prof, MD,† and Karl Philipp Kutzner, MD*†‡ 2019 Orthop J Sports Med. 2019 Sep; 7(9): 2325967119872746. Open
Tranexamic acid use and risk of thrombosis in regular users ofantithrombotics undergoing primary total knee arthroplasty: a prospectivecohort study Hervé Hourlier1 and Peter Fennema2 2018 Blood Transfus. 2018 Jan; 16(1): 44–52. Open
Risk factors associated with failure of total ankle arthroplasty: a nationwide cohort study Dong Hun Suh,#1 Kyungdo Han,#2 Jin Woo Lee,3 Hak Jun Kim,4 Bongsung Kim,2 Bong Mo Koo,1 Hak Kyu Kim,1 and Gi Won Choicorresponding author1 2021 Sci Rep. 2021; 11: 2878. Open
Intact, pie-crusting and repairing the posterior cruciate ligament in posterior cruciate ligament-retaining total knee arthroplasty: A 5-year follow-up De-Si Ma, Liang Wen, Zhi-Wei Wang, Bo Zhang, Shi-Xiang Ren, and Yuan Lin 2019 World J Clin Cases. 2019 Dec 26; 7(24): 4208–4217. Open
Condylar constrained knee prosthesis and rotating hinge prosthesis for revision total knee arthroplasty for mechanical failure have not the same indications and same results William Barnoud,1 Axel Schmidt,1,* John Swan,1 Elliot Sappey-Marinier,1 Cécile Batailler,1 Elvire Servien,1,2 and Sébastien Lustig1,3 2021 SICOT J. 2021; 7: 45. Open
Porous-Coated Metaphyseal Sleeves in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty: Midterm Results Giacomo Stefani,1 Valerio Mattiuzzo,1 Greta Prestini,1 Carolina Civitenga,1 Roberto Calafiore,2 and Francesco Traverso3 2019 Joints. 2019 Dec; 7(4): 135–140. Open
Exploration of Overdose Risk Score and Postoperative Complications and Health Care Use After Total Knee Arthroplasty Ahmed K. Emara, MD,1 Daniel Santana, BS,1 Daniel Grits, BS,1 Alison K. Klika, MS,1 Viktor E. Krebs, MD,1 Robert M. Molloy, MD,1 and Nicolas S. Piuzzi, MDcorresponding author1 2021 JAMA Netw Open. 2021 Jun; 4(6): e2113977. Open
Is Acromial Fracture after Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty a Negligible Complication?: A Systematic Review Chul-Hyun Cho, MD, Jae-Won Jung, MD, Sang-Soo Na, MD, Ki-Cheor Bae, MD, Kyung-Jae Lee, MD, and Du-Han Kim, MDcorresponding author 2019 Clin Orthop Surg. 2019 Dec; 11(4): 427–435. Open
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Impact of resident involvement on complication rates in revision total knee arthroplasty Bradley Alexander, BS,a Jared B. Watson, MS,a Kelly Chandler, BS,a Mackenzie Sowers, BS,a Gerald McGwin, PhD,b Nicola Maffulli, MD,c,d,e Roshan Jacob, MD,a and Sameer Naranje, MDa,∗ 2022 J Taibah Univ Med Sci. 2022 Dec; 17(6): 969–975. Open
Variability of patient and surgical risk factors for infection in a single, urban, academic total joint replacement center Anthony P. Gualtieri,a,∗ Andrew Yoo,b Michael S. Philips,a Joseph Bosco,a and James Slovera 2020 J Orthop. 2020 May-Jun; 19: 178–183. Open
A proposed new rotating reference axis for the tibial component after proximal tibial resection in total knee arthroplasty Takaaki Ohmori, Conceptualization, Data curation, Formal analysis, Investigation, Methodology, Project administration, Resources, Software, Validation, Visualization, Writing – original draft, Writing – review & editing, Tamon Kabata, Conceptualization, Data curation, Methodology, Project administration, Software, Supervision, Validation,* Yoshitomo Kajino, Conceptualization, Data curation, Software, Supervision, Validation, Daisuke Inoue, Conceptualization, Data curation, Methodology, Validation, Tadashi Taga, Conceptualization, Methodology, Project administration, Validation, Takashi Yamamoto, Conceptualization, Data curation, Methodology, Validation, Tomoharu Takagi, Conceptualization, Data curation, Methodology, Validation, Junya Yoshitani, Conceptualization, Methodology, Software, Validation, Takuro Ueno, Conceptualization, Data curation, Formal analysis, Investigation, Methodology, Validation, Ken Ueoka, Conceptualization, Validation, and Hiroyuki Tsuchiya, Conceptualization, Data curation, Project administration, Supervision, Validation 2018 PLoS One. 2018; 13(12): e0209317. Open
The Persistent Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Total Joint Arthroplasty Changes in Practice Patterns in the United States From 2020 to 2021 Amit S. Piple, MD, Jennifer C. Wang, BS, Gabriel J. Bouz, MD, Brian C. Chung, MD, Cory K. Mayfield, MD, Mary K. Richardson, BS, Daniel A. Oakes, MD, Jay R. Lieberman, MD, Alexander B. Christ, MD, and Nathanael D. Heckmann, MD∗ 2023 J Arthroplasty. 2023 Feb 7 Open
Interpositional Arthroplasty Using Mammary Capsule for Finger Joints: A Novel Technique Max Hardwick-Morris, BEng (Hons I), Research Manager, PhD Candidate,corresponding author 1 , 2 Joshua Twiggs, PhD, Head of Research & Development, 1 Brad Miles, PhD, Chief Technical Officer, 1 Rami M. A. Al-Dirini, PhD, Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering, 2 Mark Taylor, PhD, Professor, 2 Jitendra Balakumar, MBBS, FRACS, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, 3 and William L. Walter, MBBS, FRACS, FAOrthA, PhD, Professor Orthopaedic Surgery 4 , 5 2023 Bone Jt Open. 2023 Jan; 4(1): 3–12. Open
Femoral prosthesis fracture after hip arthroplasty revision: A Case Report and Review of Literature Long Yuan, MMed,a Sen Li, MMed,a Wanxiang Li, MMed,a Jichao Bian, MMed,a Yahui Bao, MMed,b Xiaopeng Zhou, MMed,c Yuanmin Zhang, MD, PhD,d Wang Li, MMed,c and Guodong Wang, MD, PhDcorresponding authord,* 2022 Medicine (Baltimore). 2022 Jul 1; 101(26): e29811. Open
Effect of Multiple Doses of Intravenous Tranexamic Acid on Perioperative Blood Loss in Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Randomized Controlled Study Bing‐xin Kang, 1 , 2 Yu‐lin Li, 2 Hui Xu, 1 , 2 Chen‐xin Gao, 1 Sheng Zhong, 1 Jing Zhang, 1 Jun Xie, 1 Song‐tao Sun, 1 Xi‐rui Xu, 1 Chi Zhao, 1 , 2 Ying‐hui Ma, 1 Wei‐tao Zhai, 1 Lian‐bo Xiao,corresponding author 1 , 3 and Xiao‐xue Hucorresponding author 1 2021 Orthop Surg. 2021 Feb; 13(1): 126–133. Open
Finite Element Study on the Preservation of Normal Knee Kinematics with Respect to the Prosthetic Design in Patient-Specific Medial Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty Yong-Gon Koh, 1 Kyoung-Mi Park, 2 and Kyoung-Tak Kangcorresponding author 2 2020 Biomed Res Int. 2020; 2020: 1829385. Open
Unexpected Repercussions of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Total Hip Arthroplasty with Cemented Hip Prosthesis versus Cementless Implants Ahmed Abu-Awwad, Conceptualization, Methodology, Writing – original draft, Project administration,1,2 Cristina Tudoran, Data curation, Project administration,2,3,4,5,* Jenel Marian Patrascu, Jr.,1,2 Cosmin Faur, Software,1,2 Mariana Tudoran, Conceptualization, Investigation,2 Gabriel Mihai Mekeres, Conceptualization, Resources, Data curation,6 Simona-Alina Abu-Awwad, Formal analysis, Visualization,2,7 and Andrei Nicolae Csep, Resources, Project administration, Funding acquisition6 2023 Materials (Basel). 2023 Feb; 16(4): 1640. Open

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